Tuesday, May 1, 2012

New Wolf Addition - Wolf in the Wild - Watercolor Painting


This is the new addition to "The White Wolf" and "The Gray Wolf"
The Wolf in the Wild was painted on 300 Pound Cold Press
11 X 15
Original - $245.00

Wolves are considered to the American Indian to be very spiritual and leaders to the right path.  They are extremely protective of their young and live in packs of up to nine.  We should do everything we can to help preserve nature.  Animals have a special place in our world and that is why you will see me paint a lot of wildlife.  Preservation of these animals and all who are on the endangered list help preserve our own humanity.

Prints and cards are now available


  1. Thank you Kellie - I just love painting wolves. They have such a free spirit about them. I appreciate your comment.